You know how a lot of things in life are the “right” thing to do, but are just damn hard to stay with? Getting to the gym regularly, eating right, and in the world of sales / bizdev / marketing, following-up are all noteworthy examples. In fact, research suggests only 1 in 50 deals are struck at a first meeting, yet many sales people give up after just one or two follow-ups.


While we’re not going to touch your workout or dining regimen,  now fits ever more snugly into your daily workflow with a few thoughtful changes to our Stay in Touch reminder system– and intuitively helps you follow-up with the right people at the right time, your time. You might even say we’re helping build healthy habits.

our Dreamvisage INC Stay in Touch reminder system can be set on your time clock. So, let’s say you set a monthly reminder with a given contact.